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The Moon + You: Your Guide to Finding Energy, Balance, and Healin...

The Moon + You: Your Guide to Finding Energy, Balance, and Healin...

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Each phase of the moon brings a different energy. From the inspiring presence of the new moon spurring new intentions to the emotional release of the waxing moon to the inner reflection of the waning moon—now you can let the energizing and healing power of the moon guide your wellness routine.

The Moon + You explains how to harness the moon’s energy during its major phases, and use it to better yourself through a variety of rituals, exercises, and meditations. Filled with information on the phases of the moon and how they affect our mental, physical, and emotional well-being, as well as advice and suggestions for creating a self-care routine that aligns with each moon phase, this complete guide gives you everything you need to fully embrace the moon’s energy.

Including self-care rituals such as:

–Full moon meditation
–New moon gemstone ritual
–Waxing moon chakra alignment
–Dark moon healing bath
–Waning moon yoga sequence for releasing stress
–New moon herbal remedy for dry skin
–And much more!

Learn how to utilize the moon’s natural influence to transform and nurture your body, mind, and spirit.


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