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Evening Meditations Journal Relaxing Reflections & Affirmations to End Your Day

Evening Meditations Journal Relaxing Reflections & Affirmations to End Your Day

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Prepare yourself for a good night's rest with this guided journal filled with prompts, quotes, exercises, and plenty of space to write as you develop an evening meditation practice that allows you to end each day grounded, centered, connected.

"I lovingly release the day and slip into peaceful sleep, knowing tomorrow will take care of itself." -Louise Hay

Whether you already have an established evening meditation practice, or you are newly committed to creating one, use this journal to bring you back to center and end each day in a place of peace, love, and mindfulness.

The writing prompts, thoughtful exercises, and quotes in this colorfully illustrated book are designed to help you discover your personal routine and encourage you to keep with it. Each page is a new surprise with plenty of space to write, inspiring you with different techniques and perspectives as you use evening meditations as a foundation to build a calmer, healthier, more balanced life.

As you meditate with this book as your teacher, you will:

  •  Try out different techniques, from loving kindness, to transcendental, to silent meditation.

  •  Create and recite evening affirmations.

  •  Begin a gratitude practice.

  •  Build an evening routine around meditation and reflection.

  •  Discover brief, accessible 5-minute guided meditations and visualizations.

  •  Learn breathing techniques and body movements to promote calm and good sleep.

  •  Incorporate crystals, herbs, and essential oils into your practice.

  •  Color and draw mindfully.


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So far, I like it. Easy to use.