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Selenite Wand - Chakra Style

Selenite Wand - Chakra Style

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The overall cleanser of crystals! Cleanses everything, you and your aura, other crystals, spaces, you name it. Use it to clear out all the smog that has accumulated in your energy field and in your physical body. It’s self cleansing. Named after the Greek goddess of the moon Selene. Place above doorways, window ledges, under beds, corners of rooms, closet to clear stagnant energy away. Has a very fine vibration.

Selenite can be great for some of the following:

  • Cleansing
  • Inner peace
  • Clarity of mind
  • Contacting your Spirit Guides
  • Works with your Crown Chakra
  • Calming
  • Deep peace
  • Spiritual work

Selenite is great for cleaning & recharging spaces and other crystals. place above your doorways, in your windowsills and around your other crystals. The crystal chips are wire wrapped around the stick to represent the chakras.

Not suitable to have in water. Very fragile. Keep away from children

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