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Starseed Oracle - 53 cards and guidebook

Starseed Oracle - 53 cards and guidebook

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Activate your cosmic energy & awaken the whispers of your soul through the lost lands, energy portals & ancient sites of this beautiful deck.

This deck was one of my first oracle decks that I purchased. It is beautifully illustrated and the guide book is very detailed. Have you always had a longing for home without really knowing what that meant? If so, you could be a Starseed Soul- one who has incarnated elsewhere in the cosmos before your time on Earth.

This deck is designed to support you on your soul's path & help guide you to connect with the portal to your heart, remember who you are at your soul level and unlick your gifts.

The innovative triangle box design is a technology in itself, providing interactive card reading options & can also be used as a beautiful altar piece.

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