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Witchcraft: A Guide to Magic, Spells, and Potions - This is NOT a BOOK

Witchcraft: A Guide to Magic, Spells, and Potions - This is NOT a BOOK

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We all need a little magic in our lives. This all-in-one kit includes a 64-page witchcraft guide to spells and 25 mystical spell cards to get you started on your own magical journey.

The guidebook is divided into three sections:

  • Wheel of the Year celebrates the annual pagan holidays with spells for each.
  • Spells for the Soul & Home is filled with a variety of spells that encourage creativity and creation, invoke courage and hope, create peace and harmony, and manifest well-being in all areas of life.
  • Harnessing Moon Magic with Herbs touches on the magic of lunar cycles and Mother Moon’s mystical energies and how to harness her power in your practice. 

Spellwork includes poppets, knot magic, floor washes, goddess baths, candle magic, rune magic, moon magic, tarot magic, kitchen witchery, and plant magic.

The spell cards are each geared toward a different phase of the moon to gain the best outcome or intention. The cards feature such spells for welcoming a new pet, healing grief, finding luck, tapping intuition, finding something lost, and embracing adventure, among others.

Combined, the book and cards will show you how to work with the energies the Universe provides. You will also learn how to mix and match components to make spells that are truly unique to your needs—this kit will show you the way!


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